Guests ( English)

You may see my paintings here (see Gallery).

What, how and why I paint

Geometric elements and strong and bright colors are preferrably present in my work.
My recent works show affinity with Magical and Symbolic Realism. Symbolic elements are becoming predominant representing spiritual values. I also feel bonded with Aboriginal Art, where spirit and body are visualised with dots and lines, patterns and colors.

Some elements in my works: trees, birds and landscapes, return in different forms.
Trees depict connections between physical reality and spiritual awareness, like ´heaven and earth´, animals represent spiritual values and my landscapes are the setting where these elements come together.
Spiritual issues dominate my recent works and help me in expressing important issues from my mind.

That is in fact was also how it started about 47 years ago (born 1947, autodidact) :
My very first painting was a dead wren from along the road, and still warm when I found the tiny bird....
The strong symbolic feeling of being ´Part of a Greater Whole´, but also of human frustration, has never left me since. Man, animal and plant represent more than just their physical reality...
I do not like selling my works and expositions for me are rather exceptional,
...but all things are meant to change in time.


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